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Health Staffing Network is a strategic staffing firm headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. We vet and mobilize the right healthcare professionals with the right skills within 24-48 hours of activation. We provide key staff to employers, allowing them to meet diversity goals and promote equal employment opportunities. Health Staffing Network is flexible and adaptable to the constant changes and demands within healthcare staffing. As a small business with Ohio Health Staffing Network, we are innovative, enthusiastic, driven, and solutions-oriented in meeting the needs of our clients and healthcare professionals.


  • Emergency Staffing: Rapid deployment of staff in times of disaster.
  • Workforce Optimization: Scalable workforce capable of employing up to fifty healthcare professionals daily.
  • Project Staffing: Acquisition of highly skilled and qualified professionals for specific projects.
  • Temporary Staffing: Provision of short-term workers to support during labor disputes or mass casualties, which result in increased staff demands.
  • Temp-to-hire Staffing: Evaluation of employee fit within organizational culture before permanent hiring.
  • Direct Hiring: Utilizing our comprehensive hiring process to ensure the perfect match between organizations and permanent talent.


Experienced Leaders: Founded and operated by registered nurses with vast knowledge in healthcare, totaling over 16 years of combined experience.

Customized Solutions: We collaborate closely with you to develop a staffing solution tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

Unbiased Feedback: We assess your current staffing structure and workflow, enabling us to offer proven solutions to reduce staff turnover and enhance staff retention.

Nationwide Coverage: Capable of placing candidates in all 50 states and U.S. territories.

NAICS Code Primary Description
561310 Employment Services, Temporary, and permanent
PSC Code 6515 Medical And Surgical Instrument, Equipment and Supplies
Q401 Medical Nursing

Projects and Past Performance

Health Staffing Network has experience and performance in the healthcare staffing industry. A list of detailed past performance contracts and projects is available upon request.

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